July 21, 2021

100 New Dental Technology with Shea Tolbert and Tony Mennito

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Today we have Shea Tolbert and Tony Mennito with us to chat about how dental ecosystems work, how 3D printing has advanced dentistry, and what students are currently learning in dental school. We also talk about digital design and when is a good time to hire a digital designer into your practice.

Ecosystems and branching out to find a mentor are critical to your success as a dentist. The progression of digital dentistry is happening faster than manufacturers can keep up with the demand.

We’ve been pushing the limits of these ecosystems. Our practice just purchased a machine to do a same-day crown for clients. We can do a variety of procedures much more quickly than we used to be able to in dentistry. Digital design has created a faster, more efficient dental system.

Social media has been a big topic lately, and we talk about how we are marketing on social media. We can post pre and post images of work in the office, before and after images, and post reviews from our clients.

Learn what new dental technology we are playing around with right now, learn about other dentist ecosystems, and predict new technology that we are thinking will come about in the next few years.

Dentistry is changing. Technology, education, and resources are closer to our fingertips now more than ever! Are you ready to learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more and take vacations and how this generation can join up with the previous generation to make for an unstoppable dental team? Wait no longer! Listen in and find out how to push your lifestyle to the next level.

Show Notes:

[02:54] History and background on our two guests.

[11:16] The opportunity to be with people who grow and inspire.

[15:11] Dental practitioners pushing the limits on ecosystems.

[17:41] What students are currently learning in dental school.

[21:07] Exocad and its digital advantages and the time designing consume.

[25:54] How to play the social media game – examples from what we’ve posted that works.

[29:22] New technology tools we can use for our dental patients.

[32:30] The advantage of using eMax technology in the office.

[36:28] Making assessments of what you need before you decide which technology to use.

[41:26] The importance of having multiple cameras at your practice.

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