April 24, 2018

052 The Silver Fox of sleep, Dr. Mark Murphy

Instructor at Pankey, Airway expert, and self-proclaimed famous Dr. Mark Murphy was a blast to interview! Dr. Murphy was so generous to jump away to interview with us in between a bunch of his lectures that he was speaking on at the Hinman Dental Meeting.  

If you are interested in treating dental sleep medicine or just need a good laugh then you need to take a listen to this! Dr. Murphy thinks that within a couple years oral appliance therapy will become the frontline of defense over CPAP therapy for treating obstructive sleep apnea. Even better is that the ADA released a statement this past year saying that dentists are responsible for screening for OSA.  

Dr. Murphy spent a good bit of time talking about developing the physician relationship and what we can do to help build that relationship. If that is not enough we talked about ways to place locators into an oral appliance for edentulous patients and jumping into medical billing! 

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