November 26, 2023

131. Navigating the Pathway of Intentionality and Clarity in Practice Growth – Millennial Dentist

In this episode of Millenial Dentist,  Dr. T Bone, Dr. Sully, and Dr. Craig Spodak engage in a dynamic discussion on the multifaceted aspects of dentistry, entrepreneurship, and personal fulfillment. Driven by a passion for building organizations that transcend profit centers, the trio explores the profound impact of creating a supportive dental culture. They talk into the critical diagnostic skills required for associates in growing dental models, emphasizing the unique challenges faced and the path to effective communication and optimal dentistry. The conversation also navigates the complexities of predicting the dental landscape over the next five to ten years, urging practitioners to approach their journey with intentionality and strategic vision. Finally, the episode explores the evolving dynamics of work-life balance, shedding light on the changing energy and comfort levels as dentists progress through their careers.

@5:42 Recognizing the Cost of team to reach Success

@11:05 It’s impossible to Scale Efficiency

@20:40 Be an observer of your Character to build Leadership Ability

@30:58 There are other Kinds of Dentist

@36:44 TBone: Teaching the Positive Mindset of Being a Great Dentist

@40:38  Importance of Learning the Percentages

Who is Dr. Sully Sullivan?

Dr. Sully is a fourth-generation dentist from Nashville, Tn. After receiving his doctorate of dental surgery from the University of Tennessee, he moved back to Nashville to practice with his father. By continuing to invest in his education through adult orthodontics, soft tissue grafting, dental implants, third molar extractions, and obstructive sleep apnea, he helped double his practice in just 24 months. 

As a millennial, he truly believes in working smarter not harder, which has led him to utilize technology to not only deliver better patient care but more efficient care. Dr. Sullivan regularly uses CEREC, 3D imaging with Galileos, 3D printing, and multiple lasers. In addition to his practice, he started the Millennial Dentist Podcast in February of 2017 to help push his fellow colleagues to take their dental careers to the next level. Dr. Sully lectures around the country on cone beam technology, cad/cam dentistry, obstructive sleep apnea, and practice management. He is also an ambassador for the 3D-Dentist teaching facility in Raleigh, NC.

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